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Tioga Venture is a reseller of Tableau Software Solutions.

Tableau Software is recognized by many analysts as the foremost software to analyze 'big data'. Claiming many of the marquis e-commerce and social media companies as customers, Tableau Software has demonstrated continually that it has the capabilities to address the new challenges of data analysis, including rapid-fire processing of millions of rows of data and a visually intuitive interface to manipulate and analyze data.

Headquartered in Paris, France, Tioga Venture's expertise in technology and marketing combined with analytical skills and real business experience have allowed Tioga to significantly contribute to the success and growth of internet and e-commerce-driven companies for the past decade. Tioga will bring this expertise to Tableau, focusing on its e-commerce and internet customers.

For more information: tableau@tiogaventure.com


Salesforce.com Partner Program

Tioga Venture is proud to be a member of the Salesforce.com Partner Program. Salesforce.com created the world's largest cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) ecosystem. As the industry leader, salesforce.com has delivered cloud computing to more than 72,000 customers around the world. Partners play a critical role in this process by helping our customers succeed with industry-leading Salesforce CRM applications and Force.com platform technologies. Partners work with salesforce.com through a variety of proven partner programs that drive growth and customer success.


Tioga wins eCommerce Award Technologies Solution, Paris 2009

Tioga Venture has been working with Squid Solutions to deliver high-end analytical solution to eBay for the last couple of years. The solution developed is able to process massive amount of data to analyze consumer pattern and act on them. This award reflects the development of Tioga Venture in the e-commerce area over the last 2 years. Building on techniques and processes initially developed in the telecom industry in the 90s, Tioga Venture has been able to contribute to the success of eCommerce leaders such as eBay.

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