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The software industry is characterized by a combination of fast innovation and high growth. However, successful companies need to combine this focus on innovation and growth with a flawless execution in sales and marketing. Since 2001, Tioga Venture has been advising Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in Europe and the US on topics ranging from strategy and organization to operational improvements. The unique combination of strategic thinking, quantitative analysis, and operational experience allows Tioga to deliver value from the largest global enterprises to the smallest start-up ventures.

Here are some examples of projects Tioga has successfully executed over the past few years for software companies:

  • Benchmarking of direct sales force productivity across 20+ countries leading to concrete recommendations on organization and sales focus in terms of accounts and products. Benchmarking was then industrialized and rolled out globally for this Fortune 100 Company.
  • Define the strategic positioning and go-to-market plan for the software division of an IT Services Company. Realign sales and marketing organizations along the new objectives.
  • Reorganization of a Software Vendor following an acquisition under an LBO. Implementation of worldwide best practices to improve global performance across all functions and countries.
  • Strategic repositioning of a small ISV to prepare a strategic exit.

Tioga Software Customers: