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To deliver the best value to its customers, Tioga Venture relies both on its international team and a network of partners. These partners allow delivering targeted point expertise during Tioga's engagements in complement to the cores skills in which Tioga venture excels.

ASC Consulting is a finance firm providing acting CFO & controller services (transitioning or recurring) and financial controlling & financial reporting services. Our clients are half EU based companies VC's financed and half US based high tech companies needing a help in Europe.

Squid Solutions offers a business analytics appliance, the SquidBox, that makes data analytics agile for business users by collecting and processing data outside of the production IT systems in an all-in-one solution.


Tioga wins eCommerce Award Technologies Solution, Paris 2009

Tioga Venture has been working with Squid Solutions to deliver high-end analytical solution to eBay for the last couple of years. The solution developed is able to process massive amount of data to analyze consumer pattern and act on them. This award reflects the development of Tioga Venture in the e-commerce area over the last 2 years. Building on techniques and processes initially developed in the telecom industry in the 90s, Tioga Venture has been able to contribute to the success of eCommerce leaders such as eBay.

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