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Thought Leaders have visionary insight that brings innovation, incites change and is recognized by industry peers. Joel Kurtzman, editor-in-chief of Strategy & Business magazine, coined this term in the early 90s to describe people interviewed by his magazine that contributed pioneering thoughts to business and challenged the status quo.

While often claimed erroneously, the term "Thought Leader" without question applies to Tioga Venture as they continually strive to discover, innovate, challenge, and probe the industry in which they have immersed themselves. Tioga willingly takes risks, engages in discussion, and then applies their insight to the challenges at hand. Recognized by their peers as thought leaders in the venture consulting industry, the Tioga Venture team continually receives requests to pen white papers, present keynote speeches, and participate or lead roundtable panel discussions to share their vision and expertise. While many people claim to be thought leaders, Tioga Venture doesn't claim, they just lead.

 The Stakes of Cloud Computing, Views from the RSLN Experts
Les enjeux du cloud computing, vus par les "experts RSLN"
July 19, 2010 by Frédéric Halley for RSLN (Regards sur le numérique)

 The Cloud. Buzzword or Revolution?
Le cloud: buzzword ou révolution?
July 2010 by Frédéric Halley for RSLN (Regards sur le numérique)
Simple and fast application development by almost anyone.
Un développement simple et rapide d'applications par presque n'importe qui.

 Accelerate the Agility of your eCommerce Website
Accélérer l'agilité de votre site de e-commerce
Sept 29, 2009 Client Case Study [Cas client] - eBay by Tioga Venture Squid Solutions at the 6e Convention E-Commerce Paris 2009

 Go East (and South) Young Man (FR)
2010 by Tioga Venture
During this current economic crisis, the key question for businesses is when and how will the recovery come back. The French economy seems to have reached bottom and many experts are predicting a slight growth for the coming quarters. For software publishers, it remains to be seen how to take advantage of it and where to invest...

 eCommerce Café (FR)
May 6, 2010 by Decideurs TV

Tioga founding partner Julien Mazerolle shared his insights on eCommerce with executives and colleagues.

 Editeurs - Comment porter votre offre en ASP? (FR)
2 February 2006 - JDNet Solutions
by Thierry Aubert, Senior Consultant, Tioga Venture

With the growing adoption by the market of the ASP business model and the intrinsic benefits brought by that model, software solution vendors should assess the relevance of a an ASP offering creation. In the article, Thierry wraps-up and comments the ASP transition challenges and key success factors, a theme discussed in the panel #6 of the 'Etats Généraux de l'ASP 2005'.

This article has also been published in La Lettre des ASP n°50 - Special Edition (FR).

 ASP: A relevant and timeless model for enterprise (FR)

12 November 2003 - JDNet - Capital IT
by Thierry Aubert, Senior Consultant, Tioga Venture



The ASP model may be defined as a model for distributing online application services to customers, invoiced through monthly or yearly subscription fees. Although such a model might not fit the requirements of all companies, it definitely provides significant opportunities to many of them. This paper presents the benefits associated with the ASP model and underlines the current limitations that slow down its deployment.

 Alliances, business development, partnerships (FR)
27 October 2003 - Capital IT, Entrepreneur Workshop
by Christian Decloux, Consultant; Frédéric Vacher, Director of partnerships, Dassault Systèmes;

Julien Mazerolle, Managing Partner, Tioga Venture; Laurent Foata, Director of Investment, Axa Venture Fund


In a highly competitive environment, building alliances and partnerships is a key success factor to reaching critical mass within a short timeframe. Critical questions to get right are: What strategy should I pursue? What timing? Who is David? Who is Goliath? How can I put together the right strategies, people, and products to fulfill the 1+1=3 equation?

 ROI in enterprise software: an elixir difficult to create (FR)

10 October 2003 - JDNet - Capital IT
by Julien Mazerolle, Managing Partner, Tioga Venture



Over the last decade, software editors have enjoyed high growth, due to increasing need of equipment from their clients. Since the burst of internet bubble...

 How to develop and deploy European operations for high-end B2B software companies (US)

30 September 2003
by Julien Mazerolle, Managing Partner, Tioga Venture



This presentation to US software companies outlines the benefits and challenges of entering the European market; a common framework provides the work plan along with a comparison of three business models - direct operations, distribution network, joint venture. This framework could be applied to the Asian market as well as to European companies entering the US market.


Tioga wins eCommerce Award Technologies Solution, Paris 2009

Tioga Venture has been working with Squid Solutions to deliver high-end analytical solution to eBay for the last couple of years. The solution developed is able to process massive amount of data to analyze consumer pattern and act on them. This award reflects the development of Tioga Venture in the e-commerce area over the last 2 years. Building on techniques and processes initially developed in the telecom industry in the 90s, Tioga Venture has been able to contribute to the success of eCommerce leaders such as eBay.

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