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In a little more than a decade, the mobile telecom industry has become a major segment of the economy both in industrialized economies as well as in emerging markets. Mobile telecoms are used daily both by consumers and businesses across all sectors of the economy. Beyond mobile networks operators, a thriving ecosystem has emerged with many companies developing new businesses and services supporting this industry. Tioga Venture has a deep expertise in the mobile telecom ecosystem, having worked with many companies in the following sectors:


  • Mobile payment
  • Mobile marketing
  • Roaming
  • Quality of Service management

For these companies, Tioga Venture has delivered projects in the fields of:


  • Product marketing: implementation of a new product innovation process, go-to-market and product launches
  • Sales efficiency: reorganization of an international sales force, optimization of the go-to market and presales process
  • Strategic analysis: develop competitive analysis and strategic positioning

Tioga Mobile Telecom Customers: