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Top 10 Reasons to Join Tioga Venture


10. You will thoroughly learn the job of consultant working side by side on engagements with Senior Consultants and Partners.
9. Your in-depth knowledge of hi-tech and the technology industry as a whole will increase dramatically working with renowned experts in the fields of eCommerce, mobility, and biotech.
8. You will develop an inherent business sense in solving complex issues such as how to optimize start-up operations, how to grow in emerging markets, how to formulate a strategy to improve web site performance, how to optimize the search engine of an online store, and how to determine the best solution for mobile payments.
7. We believe in teamwork.
6. Your personality and career aspirations are considered as your career evolves.
5. Successful internships are rewarded with full time employment.
4. Everyone at Tioga has a passion for technology.
3. Leave your tie at home! It's business casual when you are working in the office.
2. TiogApero - Afternoon cocktail receptions during the summer on our terrace with stunning views of Paris rooftops and the Eiffel Tower.
1. We believe in your potential!




Career Path

" From my first day at Tioga 4 years ago, I've worked on global projects from small start-ups to large software vendors such as Microsoft and Autodesk "

—Florie, Project Manager, Tioga Venture

" What attracted me to Tioga was the opportunity to work on intellectually demanding challenges along with highly talented and pragmatic customers and colleagues "

—Nadir, Senior Consultant, Tioga Venture

" The atmosphere during our engagements made me feel instantly comfortable, and I was therefore able perform at my best level "

—Omer, Junior Consultant, Tioga Venture