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Employee Insights

Here's what some of our employees have to say about working at Tioga.

"Drawn to the high-tech, international and entrepreneurial aspects of Tioga, I joined the firm in June 2011. Upon my arrival, I took part in a European engagement on the web site strategy of a global hi-tech corporation. The team trained and continues to train me and allows me to develop my personal and professional skills. The atmosphere during our engagements made me feel instantly comfortable, and I was therefore able perform at my best level."

—Omer, Junior Consultant at Tioga Venture
HEC Paris, France

"From my first day at Tioga 4 years ago, I've worked on global projects from small start-ups to large software vendors such as Microsoft and Autodesk. I had the opportunity to work with top management at our customer engagements very early on in my career and to quickly learn concrete strategic and operational knowledge. My interest for new technology trends is fulfilled with the diversity of topics on which I'm assigned. This stimulating environment helped me advance from Junior Consultant to Project Manager in less than 4 years!"

—Florie, Project Manager at Tioga Venture
Toulouse Business School
MBA, University of Arkansas, Sam M. Walton College of Business, USA

"Prior to Tioga, I'd worked in the U.S. where I created an innovative hi-tech product. After accomplishing that, I decided to develop my skills on the business aspects of this rapidly changing industry. What attracted me to Tioga was the opportunity to work on intellectually demanding challenges along with highly talented and pragmatic customers and colleagues who push me to do better every day. I am learning about global business from every angle, from growth strategy design to operational improvement for leading technology companies ranging from start-ups to the largest international enterprises."

—Nadir, Senior Consultant at Tioga Venture ENSEA Graduate School of Engineering, France

A few of Tioga Venture's global customers: