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Tioga Venture's founders have 20+ years of experience each in implementing technology solutions, executing strategic corporate restructuring, and creating long-term sustainable corporate strategies. Each partner brings specific expertise and in-depth knowledge of the technology and consulting industries, leading-edge technology skills, and extensive implementation experience.

Highly respected and regarded as experts in their field, the Tioga founders were educated at the most prestigious schools in France as well as U.S. Ivy League schools for graduate degrees. With extensive experience at both French and American global companies, working across the U.S. and Europe, Tioga is uniquely positioned to deliver the highest quality strategic solutions for technology companies. Their reputation as experts and leading-edge innovators was firmly established with the recent milestone achievement of nine years of continual growth and expansion during the most challenging climate in the history of technology.


Halley Frédéric Halley
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Frederic is a founder and Managing Partner of Tioga Venture. As a partner of Tioga Venture, Frédéric has led engagements across Europe and the U.S. for many international software vendors. His specific focus is strategic marketing and operational excellence for companies in areas such as mobile payment, mobile marketing, online marketing, social media, reputation management and manufacturing intelligence. At Tioga Venture, Frederic has developed the transaction services practice, leading strategic due diligence for private equity investors as well as helping technology companies execute refinancing, and mergers and acquisitions.

Before founding Tioga Venture in 2001, Frédéric worked extensively across Europe. He was Sales Director of Southern Europe for SLP Infoware, a software leader in predictive CRM, before its acquisition by Gemplus. Prior to joining SLP Infoware, Frédéric worked as a consultant for the Boston Consulting Group, where he led strategic IT projects in both Germany and France. Frédéric was also a consultant for Accenture, working on IT and operational issues for international retail and FMCG clients.

Frédéric earned a MS in Telecommunication Engineering from Telecom Paris and a MBA from the Northwestern Kellogg School of Business.

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Julien Mazerolle Julien Mazerolle
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Julien is a founder and Managing Partner of Tioga Venture. As a partner of Tioga Venture, Julien has focused on serving international software vendors positioned in markets, such as Operating Systems, Productivity Tools, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Performance Management (BPM), Internet Security and Mobility. His area of expertise is the telecom and industry markets. He has concentrated on defining strategy, building value proposition, defining organization and optimizing sales productivity. Before founding Tioga in 2001, Julien built extensive international experience on operational excellence and value-creation.

As the Vice President of Consulting Services of SLP Infoware, a software leader in predictive CRM, Julien positioned the consulting activity on value delivery and, as a result, doubled consulting revenue every year. The company was successfully sold to Gemplus at the end of 2000. Prior to joining SLP Infoware, Julien was an Engagement Manager for McKinsey & Co, where he worked with computer and pharmaceutical companies to develop and implement high-growth strategies. In the United States, Julien earned a MS in Computer Science from UCLA and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. In France, Julien graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées.

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Dominique Stève


As a software technologist at Tioga Venture, Dominique brings expertise in software development and R&D management to software vendor engagements combining both business and technology analysis. His specific areas of focus are product, technology, R&D organization and methods.


Before contributing on a project basis with Tioga since 2007, Dominique worked exclusively for software vendors from start-ups to global leaders. He held various management positions with responsibility in R&D, program management, offshore development and sustaining engineering. In the B2C market, he worked as as CTO for the Avanquest Software’s mobile and communication products, and in the B2B market, as a product unit director for Business Objects. Dominique started his career at INRIA, the French national institute for research in Computer Science and Control where he participated in the spin-off of the Altair project into O2 Technology, the object-oriented database vendor acquired by Informix / IBM. Dominique earned a MS in Electrical Engineering from ESME Sudria Paris and a MBA from the Sorbonne Graduate Business School, IAE Paris.

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Laura Pauli Laura Pauli
Marketing Director


Laura manages the Tioga Venture West office located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Laura launched her professional career at Arthur Andersen where she audited companies in a variety of industries including technology, venture capital, utilities, sports, hospitality and packaged foods. She then traded her accounting hat for a marketing hat first at NBC-TV, then at Oracle where she worked in their first low end application development tool group then their first internet division that developed Oracle's first web site, browser and server. Laura jumped on the dot com bandwagon but after four years of dot com and a few dot bombs, she returned to the more stable work of enterprise software at Siebel Systems. At Siebel, Laura first managed all CEO events and speeches then moved into the web marketing division managing all global web marketing initiatives. Since 2004, Laura has been providing marketing consulting services to hi-tech companies across Europe and the US including Oracle, SAP, Intercim/Dassault, Datamat, Quartet, BigFix, Workstream, and Tioga Venture.

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Tioga wins eCommerce Award Technologies Solution, Paris 2009

Tioga Venture has been working with Squid Solutions to deliver high-end analytical solution to eBay for the last couple of years. The solution developed is able to process massive amount of data to analyze consumer pattern and act on them. This award reflects the development of Tioga Venture in the e-commerce area over the last 2 years. Building on techniques and processes initially developed in the telecom industry in the 90s, Tioga Venture has been able to contribute to the success of eCommerce leaders such as eBay.

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Life @ Tioga
" … The atmosphere during our engagements made me feel instantly comfortable, and I was therefore able perform at my best level … "

—Omer, Junior Consultant, Tioga Venture